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Relationships are the core of your business. Your podcast is how they grow.

We get it, there is a lot involved in creating a podcast! That’s why we work with your team to get things done. The knowledge and resources we bring to the table mean that you can gain all the benefits podcasting has to offer, without any of the time-consuming stress of try to figure it all out yourself.

Podcasting creates a genuine connection to your audience; giving them value and learning from your expertise means you are building trust. Podcasting creates and builds on your relationships. Leading to more sales, an increase in revenue, warm leads and of course, a significant ROI.

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Create more engagement through a new communication channel.

A podcast designed with your community, staff and stakeholders in mind, your voice, and a tailored strategy, is an effective and efficient way to create meaningful change and more engagement, whether it’s with your internal staff or with external stakeholders.

Currently, 1 in 3 Australians listen to podcasts as their preferred means of consuming media, and that number is growing. Having a podcast is a relevant, accessible, entertaining, and informative means to make an impact.

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Want to make a difference? Your podcast can make it happen.

With our help, your podcast can reach more of the people you’re working to support. When done strategically and professionally, your podcast should compliment your current communication streams. Whether you're a non-profit, university, school, health organisation or NGO, a podcast is an effective way to increase your exposure and boost your impact.

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Want to empower your team to create professional and engaging podcasts?

Our training provides a fun, engaging and inclusive environment to upskill your team in everything from podcast development and interview technique, to editing, publishing and promotion.

If required, our courses teach your team the entire process from beginning to end. Alternatively, if you have any knowledge gaps, our workshops upskill your team in the specific areas you need.

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About Us

We are Podcasters.

We share our knowledge

so you can share yours.

What have we learned from 6 years of producing our own successful podcasts and creating numerous professional podcasts for others?

The true value of time and working as a team. We know better than anyone the importance of keeping things stress-free. Outsourcing and collaborating on the details are what makes the big things possible. A podcast is the most convenient way for your audience to understand and learn from your value. We make sure it comes through loud and clear.

The expertise we have is your key to creating a truly brilliant podcast. Our team will work with you throughout your process to see you reaching your listener, your listener becoming your audience and your content gaining the maximum impact and goals you have set out for it to achieve.

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Our service, your way.

If we can take anything from the ongoing pineapple on pizza debate, it’s that different people have different needs.

The one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past. And so it should be. When it comes to podcasting, Podcast Services Australia is your bespoke support system for however you feel you need us. Whether you are looking for the full service, or support in a particular area, Podcast Services Australia will tailor our solutions to ensure your podcast is reaching its full potential and achieving your goals.

How to start a podcast

Want to create a podcast for your organization but don’t know how to get started? We get it - there are a number of steps involved, and the amount of information online can be overwhelming.

In this article, we break down the 8 steps to starting a podcast to help you make sense of it all.

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Is it worth doing a video podcast?

Are you thinking about filming your podcast? Before you rush out and decide to do a video podcast as well as an audio podcast, consider these three key things.

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