Is there benefit to turning your podcast into a video podcast?

It does make sense, after all videos do get lots of engagement on social media, and YouTube is still the third largest search directory.

But before you rush out and decide "We're going to do a video podcast as well as an audio podcast!", there are three key things that you need to consider:

1. How much EFFORT are you willing to put in?

Creating a quality video from your podcast is not as simple as it sounds, especially if you're looking to do something that's really professional and aligns with your brand.

You might have seen other podcasters where they film their interviews, they might be in a studio or they edit between different camera angles. This type of setup takes a lot of effort.

Ask any video production company, and they'll tell you, you need different cameras, you need lighting, you need the right angles, plus you need to look a certain way. (I wouldn't just roll out of bed and do a video!)

Plus, you've got to make sure that your surrounds look professional. For some hobbyists, maybe it's fine to film a podcast in your basement. But I know for a lot of the clients we work with - having that professional look is really important.

That might involve going to a studio, which again is effort for you and your guests. While I'm not saying that podcasts are low effort, it does add that extra layer of complexity and things to think about when you are doing a video.

2. What EXPENSE can you commit to?

The second thing to consider is the expense. It is going to cost more if you want to do a proper professional video of your podcast. And not just a little bit more, it doubles or almost triples the cost.

When we do editing, we have a podcast specialist editor doing the audio editing. If we do a video, we bring in a video editor who edits the video separately. So it's actually two completely separate editing costs.

Plus, if you've got a videographer coming in with lighting and that kind of thing, it's more equipment to hire, it's more people to work with. So it's just going to add more of that expense on as well. If you've got the budget for it fine, but don't think that it's only going to cost a little bit more than just doing an audio podcast.

3. How at EASE are your guests with a video podcast?

The third thing to consider when you're thinking about turning your podcast into a video is how at ease your guests with being filmed.

A lot of people get really freaked out even when they've just got a microphone in front of them. When you add in a camera element with all the lighting and everything, it can be very confronting.

If you're thinking about video, make sure that you share this with your guests beforehand, let them know it will be filmed and see how they go. I did a podcast interview recently and my guest texted me about half an hour before the recording time. And she said "Oh by the way, this isn't going to be filmed is it?" and I wrote back and said "No, no, it's just audio." She said "Oh good, because I haven't even had a shower yet. And I'm just I've just rolled out of bed!"

And so it was fine. We could do a podcast without her having done her hair or makeup. But if we were doing a video, she would have had to scramble to get ready and make sure that she was looking appropriate for the video.

Also consider the content of your podcasts. And if your guests want to remain anonymous, one of the great things about podcasts is because it's audio only you don't you or your guests don't have to show their faces so they can remain anonymous. We can also change their voices a little bit in post production to disguise them as well. So for some subject where it's a bit more sensitive, having the audio only version can work really well too.

So there you have it. Three things to consider if you're thinking about turning your podcast into a video: how much more effort are you willing to put in? How much more expense are you willing to commit to? And how at ease are your guests with being filmed? I hope that's provided some food for thought as you go about your podcasting journey.

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