Our objectives are clear: to simplify the podcast process by supporting you to create an engaging, authentic and knowledgeable audio experience; centred around the individual qualities your organisation has to offer. Either through a private internal podcast, a publicly available podcast, or both!

You have the expert voice, we amplify its volume.

Our first step is to get to know you — the who, why and what of your organisation. To work alongside you to understand the details of your vision.

We combine our expert understanding of the podcast medium with your industry expertise to produce a podcast that’s fit for your purpose. The package we’ll offer you is bespoke and based on your unique requirements — see the number of service options available to you below.

You’ll also receive comprehensive support through each step of us creating your podcast. Meaning, you will be able to speak with us over the phone or email us to receive a speedy response.

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Strategy and Development

The Facts

44% of all podcasts don’t make it past 3 episodes.

A major reason why podcasts fail so fast is because they don’t have a clear strategy in place.

By helping you design a podcast strategy it streamlines your podcast creation process, saving you time, money and stress, as well as setting you up for success.

What’s included in our strategy and development service?

Together, we will begin your project with an effective strategy for your podcast. To uncover any blind spots, your objectives, capabilities you already have personally or in your team — your resources, time frames and then set realistic goals.

Over multiple strategy sessions, we will work with you to refine and develop your strategy, enhance the content you have and transform it to reach its full potential. Simultaneously, we will simplify your procedures to maximise your impact and ensure your entire experience is enjoyable.

Podcast Services Australia provide:

Your blueprint for success including:

  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Honed definition of your audience segments
  • Refinement and development of your content
  • Format and length of your podcast
  • Podcast equipment recommendations
    Measuring your podcast’s impact
  • And more

Is this service right for you?

It’s essential to get your podcast right from the beginning.

Our service enables you to make decisions quickly, avoid wasting resources, easily stay on track and focused throughout the duration of creating your podcast.

If you have already launched a podcast and don’t know why it’s not effective, or it’s simply reached a plateau in performance, we can help you. If this is the case for you, and you’d like help, please see our Audit Package.

However, if you’re looking to start your podcast from scratch and get it right from the beginning:


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Branding & Support Content

The Facts

Your brand is the narrator of your organisation’s story, and your podcast is the voice of that narrator.

The artwork, title and description of your podcast are the first things your listener will experience on their journey to becoming your audience.

You never get a second chance at a first impression, so we ensure each impression counts.

There are 3 key elements essential to successful branding —  consistency, community and content. Together, we’ll make these elements the centre of your design throughout your podcast’s branding.

All of which showcases your organisation’s voice and individuality to its full potential. Highlighting the unique story of your organisation to engage your audience.

What’s included in our branding & support content service?

We supply all the necessary components for your podcast to make sure it is accessible, visually well presented, and reflects what’s most important to you.

This includes written content to accompany your audio content. Such as the description which acts as a trailer to your podcast — illustrating to the listener why they should listen — as well as show notes and written transcripts to make the podcast more visible. This boosts the SEO of your website. It also makes it more accessible to those with hearing impairments and for people who speak English as a second language.

We ensure your personalised strategy reflects and communicates the core values at the heart of your organisation.

Curating a consistent and original experience for your listener; guiding them through a memorable journey as they embark on the adventure to become a part of your podcast community.

Podcast Services Australia provide:

All branding materials and support content including:

  • Artwork consistent with your brand guidelines
  • Theme music, voice-overs and sound effects
  • Stings and audio logos
  • Show notes (blog posts for your website) for each episode
  • Transcripts for SEO and accessibility
  • Video versions of your podcast for distribution on YouTube

Is this service right for you?

Regardless of the size and team of your organisation, we can offer you the tailored level of support you require.

Don’t have a design team or content writers? We will cover all the written and design work you need.

If you have in-house graphic designers and writers, we will combine our knowledge with theirs. We provide guidance and oversight to best practices and ensure the content aligns with your current designs and brand guidelines. To make sure your podcast compliments and enhances the identity your organisation has already created.


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Production and Editing

The Facts

The fast-paced nature of today’s world means that quality content has become the expectation.

Most listener drop-offs occur within the first 90 seconds.


Because lengthy introductions and poor audio quality comes across as unprofessional, inconsistent and immediately throws the listener off. You get that, that’s why you’re here.

People create podcasts every day, but many of them fail because they don’t have the technical knowledge, equipment or editing skill-set needed to create a high-quality audio experience for their prospective listeners. That’s where we come in.

When it comes to the recording, production and editing of your podcast, we turn an often tiresome and complex task into one that’s easy to navigate and fun to be a part of.

You’ll save the time and extensive effort it takes to learn the skills required to produce the high production and audio quality that’s needed to keep your listeners engaged.

What’s included in our production and editing service?

Depending on your preference, you can record at one of our professional partner studios across Australia, or we can facilitate the recording sessions in person or online. We have podcast equipment kits we can courier to your office or home.

Alternatively, if you are interested in purchasing your own equipment, we can provide you with expert advice to ensure you are getting the right items appropriate for your requirements.

The process of editing your podcast will begin once your raw audio has been recorded, then our editing team will turn it into a high quality finished episode — ensuring all your speakers sound amazing!

Podcast Services Australia provide:

  • Facilitated recording sessions — online or in-person
  • Access to professional recording studios
  • Editing for Interviews, Solos, Round Table Discussions and Narrative Storytelling Podcasts
  • Quick editing turn-around times from our team of Audio Engineers and Musicians

Is this service right for you?

Yes, if you’re time-poor, don’t want to learn the technical skills, and understand the importance of producing high-quality content in a competitive market.

Professional production and editing will ensure your podcast voice is heard with the clarity and definition expected by your prospective audience.

Alternatively, if you’d like to learn to do it yourself, or upskill your team to do so, see our workshops and training programs.


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Hosting and Distribution

The Facts

“Hosting” is where your podcast audio files are housed, stored and able to be distributed on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify for your audience to listen to.

Hosting is essential due to the large, high-quality audio files, and there are many extra steps required to ensure your podcast is searchable, visible and correctly presented on podcast directories, as well as access onto your website.

We take care of all of this for you.

What’s Included in our Hosting and Distribution service?

We set up your podcast hosting platform and submit your show to all major directories. Then optimize your podcast to make it searchable and playable on your website to maximise your podcast’s reach, impact and return.

Podcast Services Australia provide:

  • Set up a podcast hosting platform
  • Adding your podcast to all major directories
  • SEO Optimisation
  • An embedded player on your website
  • Episodes tagged with metadata
  • A strategy and implementation plan with the proven best practices for launching your podcast

Is this service right for you?

If you want to focus on the fun bits, delivering your expertise and sharing your value, while we take care of all the technical elements, you’ll appreciate this package inclusion.

For most professionals, learning the technical skills for hosting and distribution is unnecessary and too time-consuming. By saving time here, you can focus your full attention on curating your creative content.


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Marketing and Promotions

The Facts

As you know, customer engagement is the beating heart of any organisation.

Without marketing your podcast you can’t engage with your audience because they will never know you exist.

Most people don’t know how to market a podcast.

Podcasts require specific social media marketing strategies to make them stand out, otherwise, they can flop (even when they’re worth listening to!). We do this well, and we can do this for you, or work alongside your marketing team, so either way, your podcast gets the kind of attention you want.

What’s included in our Marketing and Promotions service?

A carefully curated strategy that’s expertly weaved into its launch timeline and designed to complement your existing comms channels. Plus, the implementation of test-driven action before, during and after the podcast launch.

If you have a marketing team, we will collaborate with them and advise on best practices for marketing your podcast. If not, we can provide you with full marketing services.

Each podcast marketing campaign is centred around your goals and the unique objectives of your organisation.

Podcast Services Australia provide:

  • Full social media campaign on all relevant platforms based on podcasting best practises
  • Creation of eye-catching social media tiles and audiograms
  • Maximise your existing marketing efforts
  • Pre-launch strategy and buzz in the lead up to your podcast launch
  • Production of short ‘trailer’ episode
  • Launching your podcast with a bang

Is this service right for you?

Whether you need our full host of marketing services, or for us to work alongside your marketing team, we are here to ensure your podcast receives the best response, return on investment, impact, or other unique outcomes you want.

We take away the stress of generating interest in your podcast. Allowing you the space to focus on the content and recording processes required to create your meaningful audio content.

You can work confidently with the peace of mind, that your podcast is consistently generating an audience before, during and after the time you are dedicating to create it.


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Measuring Success

The Facts

Producing podcasts without analytics is like reading a book in the dark. You can guess where the story is going, but you can’t make the journey to get there.

Your podcast analytics turn on the light so you can discover where you can adjust and make your podcast even more impactful — hitting your desired outcomes.

Analysing and understanding the key aspects of data from your audience creates a fact-based course of action to strategically expand your podcast’s engagement.

What’s included in your Measuring Success service?

It’s important to define what “success” means for you, and we help you do that. It’s not just about the numbers, we need to know how to interpret them based on your definition of success.

It’s different for everyone. Some examples of success metrics include:

  • Brand building
  • Audience engagement (i.e., how many people take action after listening — sign up for something you mentioned, or visit your website etc.)
  • Establishing Trust and Credibility
  • Number of enquires or sales

Then we can provide you with detailed explanations of the data from your podcast.

This gives you the power to optimize the future content you produce and create a data-driven strategy that appeals more definitively to your audience based on their real-time listening behaviours.

Podcast Services Australia provide:

Your personalised data report:

  1. Who’s listening to your podcast.
  2. Where they listen to it.
  3. What their engagement is.
  4. And more.
  • The knowledge and tools to understand and utilize your report
  • Strategies based on your analytics to maximise your podcast moving forward


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Podcast Audits

Already have a podcast? Not sure if you’re doing the right thing? Perhaps you simply need the eyes and ears of a professional to review your podcast and point you in the right direction.

How does it work?

First, our expert team listens to a selection of your podcast episodes in full.

We then review all the integral elements of your podcast — everything from listener experience, audio quality and content flow, to brand consistency, visibility and accessibility — and provide you with an in-depth report and a detailed session explaining our findings.

Our recommendations will provide you with the direction and action steps you need, leaving you more confident knowing you’re on the right track to elevate your podcast and achieve the outcomes you originally intended.

Sometimes all it takes is a few insightful tweaks to make all the difference!


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Training and Workshops

Would you like to plan, create and operate your own podcast independently?

If you’re interested in providing your in-house team with the necessary training to upskill in one, or all areas, we will provide bespoke training to empower them to expertly execute on their own. Either through individual workshops or a full training course.

How do they work?

Tell us what you want, your staff capability, and your time requirements and we’ll tailor your training to suit.

Our workshops are designed to provide you with the necessary skill sets to excel in specified areas of your podcast creation.

They are designed to be fun, engaging, highly practical and encourage active participation to ensure that any challenges you face quickly become your strengths.

Our expert-led training courses will provide your organisation with all the skills and knowledge necessary to produce quality, engaging and professional podcast content in-house.

So you and your team feel confident and empowered with the knowledge to be able to repeat the process without support in the future.


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