Have you thought about creating a local council podcast, and are curious to see what others are doing?

In this article, we share examples of local councils in Australia that are embracing podcasts and using them to engage with their residents. We hope to provide you with the knowledge and ideas to support you in making the best decision for your council.

In an era of content overload, podcasts are rising in popularity and are proving to be an invaluable tool for local councils to engage with their communities.

Not only do podcasts provide a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, but they also offer a great way for councils to stay connected and deliver updates and information.

Now that podcast listenership in Australia is at an all time high, it's a unique opportunity for councils to connect with their communities in a genuine, accessible and engaging format that allows residents to stay up-to-date on the latest local news and issues in a way that’s really convenient and simple to consume. 

Examples of effective local council podcasts

VLGA Connect

A good example of a successful local council podcast is VLGA Connect, by The Victorian Local Governance Association. The show features interviews with experts and thought-leaders in the local government sector, discussing a range of topics such as community engagement, leadership, and innovation. It also includes updates and insights on important issues facing local councils across Victoria.

A key benefit of VLGA Connect is its ability to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration between councils. By featuring interviews with a diverse range of experts and thought leaders, the podcast provides a platform for councils to learn from each other and share best practices.

The end result here is the drive of innovation and improvement to the overall effectiveness of local government in Victoria which means positive outcomes for the community. 

Government Matters

Another notable local council podcast is PwC's Government Matters podcast. The focus of the episodes are interviews with leaders and experts in the government sector that cover topics ranging from digital transformation and public sector innovation to policy development and many others. Although not specifically focused on local councils, it still provides valuable insights that can inform and influence the work of local councils throughout the country.

Good Talk Great Mate

We had the pleasure of road tripping up to Narrabri in central NSW to run a podcast training course for a group of young people, where we showed them how to strategise, plan, record and edit a professional podcast. The resulting podcast was Good Talk Great Mate, which is aimed at educating, connecting and inspiring young people across regional NSW. The podcast was launched at Youth Week 2023, and was supported by Narrabri Shire Council and the NSW Government.

The Local Government News Roundup

The Local Government News Roundup with Chris Eddy is another popular podcast in the local government space. Produced by LGiU Australia, this podcast covers news and updates from local councils across Australia, with a particular focus on policy and regulatory changes that impact local government. It also features interviews with industry experts and thought leaders, providing valuable insights and perspectives on key issues.

Moreland Voice

Moreland Voice is a podcast produced by Moreland Youth, a division of Moreland City Council in Melbourne. This podcast breaks the mould in the sense of target audience - it’s aimed at young people in the Moreland community, covering topics such as mental health, education, and career development. It also features interviews with local community members and youth leaders, really providing an essential platform for young people to share their perspectives and insights.

What Moreland Voice really excels at is its ability to engage with young people in the community, boosting engagement and participation in local government initiatives and the primary way it achieves that is through producing content that is precisely relevant and interesting to those younger generations. This helps to build trust and rapport between the council and the younger members of the community who will also one day grow to be its very leaders.

Got any ideas brewing yet for your local council podcast?

Local council podcasts truly are a tremendous way for councils to engage with communities in a manner that’s both authentic and approachable, but they’re also a reliable way of providing updates and information while at the same time serving as a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the communities.

When combined, sharing knowledge and community collaboration represent the key in driving innovation and improving the effectiveness of local government.. But, remember - to truly build rapport and foster engagement and participation, it’s important to stay authentic, be consistent and original and to tailor your content to specific audiences to truly bridge those generational gaps and have your message heard by young people, government professionals, local councils and communities alike!  

Whether you’re in a local council, state or federal government, podcasting is an effective way to connect to, impact or gain support from your audience. 

If you would like to learn more about what your local council podcast could look like, click here to reach out!

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