What questions do YOU have about podcasting?

Hi there, LinkedIn friends! We are from Podcast Services Australia, as the sign says.

And we've been doing Tuesday Tips about podcasting every week now, for a little while, and we've been addressing questions that we get asked by people we meet, by people who come to us for help with podcasting, from people in our courses, and we've been, you know, addressing those questions. But we would love to hear from you. So, whether you are podcasting already or whether you are thinking about starting a podcast, what questions do you have about podcasting that we can help and answer? So, what you need to do is post your question in the comments below this video and we will endeavor to do our best to answer them on our Tuesday Tip video. Do you have anything to add, Aaron? No no, and, you know, don't make them too in-depth.

Simple questions that are going to help other people who either A - are already podcasting or B - looking to podcast.

Yes, look if it is an in-depth question, then I'm sure we can do our best to break it down into a simple answer. Maybe we'll do it two episodes one again. Because as you've noticed these videos are quite short, two, three, and five minutes max because we want to make sure that they are nice and succinct, and bite-sized pieces of content to make it easy for you to watch and listen to. Digestible, digestible! That's what we like! Easy to digest, no probiotics required. We hope you've enjoyed this video. We look forward to hearing your questions and responding to them. Take care! Bye, bye!

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