How much work does it take to produce a podcast?

We are from Podcast Services Australia. We're looking really colorful today! We are and today is our Tuesday Tip.

Yes! What are we talking about today, Christina? We are answering the question "How much work is involved with running a podcast?" Now, let me tell you, this is the question we get asked most. And it's definitely akin to how long is a piece of string. But there is no shortcuts to making a good podcast and it does take time, it does take effort, and you have to have the will, and the want to make a good podcast. You've got to absolutely be committed.

I run a podcast every single week. It's called Stand Out Get Noticed. It's about a 25 to 30 minute show, episode every single week that I release it and I've been doing that every week for the last three and a half years. And I can tell you, it is a real commitment. So, do not start a podcast if you think it's going to be easy, and that it's not going to be much work, because it's a lot of work. It might take anywhere up to three or four or five hours a week to produce a podcast. And that's going from the... you know, the time it takes to schedule an interview with someone, to have that interview with them, to then edit that, to then put it together with your show notes and a marketing image, and to put it up on your website, and then to market it as well.

Because there's one, I mean creating the Mp3 file, the audio, is one thing. But if you want people to listen to it, you've also got to be prepared to do the marketing to get it out there.

It has to be searchable and there are ways to cut down on the time. We offer services with this and there's many companies that offer service to help you. So, if you're time-poor, but you really want to start a podcast, then, you are going to need help from someone.

We also have clients who want to learn how to do it all themselves and because they're willing to put the time in and that's also fine. So it just comes down to your preference. Yes, it's how much time you have to devote to it and I guess, how important you view your communication channels. Yes, absolutely! So I hope that has answered that question for you and we will be back next week for another Tuesday Tip. Take care!

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