How long should a podcast be?

Today is our Tuesday Tip! And our topic for today is: "How long should a podcast be?"

We get this question ALL the time. Every single time we do a course, or every single time we talk to a prospective client, this is always one of the first things they ask. And the answer is...well, it depends.

A podcast can be any length. It could be two minutes, five minutes, 30 minutes, three's really up to you how long you want to make it.

What we recommend is, firstly, again this comes back to the "it depends" answer. It's as long as it needs to be. If you can get your message across into 15 minutes then why make a 30 minute podcast? If you need 30 minutes or 45 minutes to interview that awesome person and get that message across, then 45 minutes. However, most people listen to podcasts while doing housework, and then other people listen to podcasts on their commute to work.

Most commutes are between 30 and 40 minutes in Australia, depending on which capital city you live in.

Me personally, I only like to do 30 or 40 minutes work at home. If it's the dishes or cleaning don't want to work longer than that! Too much! But you know, Joe Rogan - most popular podcast goes for hours and hours and hours so it just depends on...the effort you're prepared to put into it and the time you've got to do it.

So if you think about that someone's commute is 30 to 40 minutes long, it makes sense to make your podcast 30 to 40 minutes long to fit into that time slot. It makes it a really manageable, nice easy-to-digest piece of content that someone can listen to during that commute.

Sometimes a 10 minute podcast might be too short, but again, it depends on who's your audience, and where are they listening. Did you have anything to add Aaron? No. Well, that's our Tuesday Tip, I hope you enjoyed that and we'll see you next week. Bye for now!

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