Why are podcasts so hot right now?

 We're from Podcast Services Australia. Back in your LinkedIn feed for another Tuesday Tip about podcasting!

Did you know 91 percent of all Australians know or understand what a podcast is? And one in three have listened to a podcast in the last week? So as you can see from those stats, podcasts are really popular right now, and you might have heard people talking about podcasts, and the ones that they listen to. Today, we're going to share with you three reasons why podcasts are SO hot right now.

The first reason is that they're really engaging. Aaron can you explain why? It's like having someone personally talk to you about a subject matter that you love. It's an intimate listening experience. Yes, much more intimate and engaging than reading, you know, a blog post or reading text. And a good podcast should make you feel like you're eavesdropping in on a conversation with two friends. You know, in creating that type of listener experience. The second reason why podcast are so hot right now is that they are accessible. You can listen to them through your smart phone or on your computer. The platforms are free to download and it's a very easy system where, if you're in love with a podcast, you subscribe to it, it comes every week or every month depending on how often people put it out there for you.

And everyone has smartphones now and it's so easy to access and download podcasts on to a smart phone.

You know, so any time you've got your smart phone with you - which is pretty much all the time (even when you sleep, right!) for a lot of people, you're able to access podcasts. Now, the third reason as to why podcasts are so hot right now is that they don't require any screen time. We all know how much time we spend in front of a computer or flicking through Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or any of the other apps or platforms that you are addicted to. Yes! So with a podcast you don't need to look at a screen which means that you can listen while you're driving, while you're walking the dog, going for a run, mowing the lawn, hmm, housework - it makes housework okay! Yeah! It makes boring things more interesting but it does give you that break from not needing to look at a screen all the time.

So those are three reasons why podcasts are so popular right now. Hopefully that's inspired you to maybe listen to a podcast or maybe make your own podcast! Or come to us and we'll help you make your podcast. Anyway that's been our Tuesday Tip, thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next week!

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