How are podcasts profitable?

We are from Podcast Services Australia. Today's Tuesday Tip is about "How can I make my podcast profitable?"

Hmm.. when we say profitable a lot of people think, "How do I make money from the podcast?" but there are different types of profit.

The important thing is that a podcast should if you have one right, if you're creating one it should profit you in some way, otherwise it's not going to be sustainable and you're not going to maintain it. So Aaron what are some different types of profitability? Well for some people profitability is about heightening their exposure in the online space, other people are looking to become a thought leader, and other people are looking to find potential customers.

It's easier to make the podcast, offer free value and have people come to you and think to themselves.

I trust this person, I want to work with this person, I listen to their podcast. I know when I first started my podcast the way that I profited from it was to build up my professional brand and to heighten that visibility.

So I didn't care so much about making money from it, but it was about building up, building up that brand and building a strong audience as well who resonated with my message. But that's not to say if you get one hundred thousand people listening to your podcast every week that someone won't come on board and say hey we'd love to sponsor your show. Yes, profitability is all about how you view it. Yes absolutely! So we hope that has been helpful for you and we'll see you next week for another Tuesday Tip, farewell.

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