Aaron shares his favourite podcasts!

Hi there LinkedIn comrades, Christina and Aaron here from Podcast Services Australia back in your feed for another Tuesday Tip about podcasting.

Now I thought today I would interview Aaron about his favorite podcasts because I know we get ask a lot for recommendations. So I'm curious to learn more about what podcasts do you listen to and why? Well I listen to mainly entertainment podcasts, although I do listen to Christina's podcast Stand Out Get Notice. As you should! Because she's my wife and she would kill me if I didn't listen to it. No no no, it's got great business tips, where business owners and it's about communication. So it really helps me to communicate with our customers better. Oh.. That's so good to hear. That's all right, Thank you!

The other podcast I listen to Collider Jedi Council because I'm a closet nerd. Wait, what's that about? It's about Star Wars. And they just talk about Star Wars? They just talk about Star Wars.The new comics that are coming out, new video games. Really nerdy stuff. The movies coming up, there at Star Wars celebration recently. So I wanted to hear about what they thought about the new trailer that came out. That's purely entertainment. Purely entertainment purposes. Okay, what else do you listed to? I also listen to "How Did This Get Made?" where it's a round-table discussion about mainly "B" movies and... so it's kind of like a "How on earth did these get made?" Yes! "How on earth did these get made?" Because it's such a bad idea! Is that what it is? It's not a terrible idea. The last one that I listened to was about Action Jackson which is like this 80's action movie that is horrible yet awesome. So it's yes, they just take the piece out of it.

The one I listened to recently, Seth Rogen is on it. He was great on it, like I loved it.

The other one I listened to is Joe Rogan it's probably the most popular podcast in the world. And he just gets great guests on you know so it's always something different every week. How long is the podcast? Ah.. look I listen to him in bite-sized chunks. Are they like an hour and a half each? Oh some of them are even longer, you know the... It's not my cup of tea. The one with like Richard Dawkins goes like three hours, it just depends who he's got on. So how long did the other podcast you listen to? They're usually somewhere between 20 minutes to 40 minutes, although Post Mortem, and Joe Rogan, and even How Did This Get Made are quite long. So.. but I usually will break them up like. So can you give me an example of or can you tell me quickly what is one thing that makes a podcast stand out for you, that makes you keep listening?

For me, it's about the hosts like I have to engage with the hosts. I have to find them I like most of the time I like it to have some level of comedy. I like to laugh, you know I like to enjoy it. Joe Rogan, I listen to because I find the topics are so diverse and you know you'll learn something. Same with Christina's podcast I learn something so it's a mix for me between comedy and education. So that's what I'm into they're the kind of podcasts I like but everybody's different. We'd love to hear your podcast recommendations. What podcast are you listening to? Yes! We'd love to hear it. Well, that is our Tuesday Tip for podcasting. Thank you so much for tuning in and we'll see you next week bye!

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