Are podcasts free to listen to?

We are from Podcast Services Australia and here is your Tuesday Tip. Today we're asking the question "Are podcasts free?"

This is a question we get asked all the time. Aaron are most podcast free? 95% of podcasts are free. Did you make that stuff up? Yes I did, most podcasts are free. There are some that sit behind a paywall they're usually older episodes, people draw you in with the new episodes and then if you want to listen to the older episodes you may well have to pay, you know a fee to access them.

So for example Hardcore History Dan Carlin he will make the first or the most recent ten episodes of his podcast available for free.

But if you want the back catalog you've got to pay for it. But most of the time if you go on to your podcast app and you search for podcasts they will be free to listen to. Most podcasters will make money from the podcast in other ways, whether it be through sponsorship or they might have a membership site or other products and services that they sell, that's a whole other topic that we'll discuss another time. Yes, but most are free and they're just ready for you to click, listen, and enjoy. So good! Thanks for watching today's Tuesday Tip and we'll see you next week.

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