Who listens to podcasts?

We are from Podcast Services Australia here with another Tuesday tip about podcasting. Now, a question we get asked all the time is "Who actually listens to podcasts?"

Do you have any stats or facts about that the types of listener ships and demographics, so I know Aaron you've done some research on this, this is what you know so can you shed some light? Absolutely! So the - the stats are it's mainly female listen experience because 60% of all podcast listeners are female, 38% male. It's split fairly evenly between age groups, although the 25 to 34 year old's slightly peep everybody else at about 20% and the rest are at 18%. So wait so 20% of all podcast listeners are on that 25 to 35 age - age group?

Exactly, and the other thing is Victoria and New South Wales they take up 60% of all podcast listeners in Australia.

So that gives you a little bit of an understanding of the demographic but like I said as far as age and race and sex it's pretty much split across the board. So if you're looking to engage with your audience podcasting could be a great idea for you. Yes, if your audience fits into those demographics. Which they do.

What about, what about older audiences? It's 18% for the older audiences like I said the other age brackets it's all 18% and then the 25 to 34 just peep everybody else a 20%. So do you think the older demographic is going to grow in the future? What are your thoughts around that? Ah.. look I think if you look at Facebook and Facebook is like taken up by the older demographic. Once people understand how easy the platforms are to use and that they get to choose the content. Yeah absolutely!

Okay, awesome! Well thanks for sharing that Aaron and we hope that that's been useful for you. We will see you next week for our other Tuesday tip. I'm Christina, this is Aaron. And we are from Podcast Services Australia thanks for watching.

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