Want to create an internal newsletter that staff actually read?

Do you still send company newsletters?

Perhaps in an email, maybe even printing them out like you're from the 1980s. Actually, I receive a lot of email newsletters that I'm signed up to, and I read very very few of them, and that's why we have an idea for you, to create a newsletter in the form of a podcast. And it's an internal-only podcast, just for your staff, where you update them on, you know what's happening within the company, and you essentially just change your newsletter-style into a quick bite five-minute podcast. Maybe once a week, maybe once a fortnight, maybe once a month. And you could get staff to submit their own stories, their own interviews, and encourage them to contribute their own content, this is going to encourage them to... well it's going to give them a voice as well and have them feel listened to.

Empower your staff you know, have people from different departments interview each other, people that don't usually meet.

And maybe they can help each other understand what it is they do at the organization, because they may be quite separated out, and they don't exactly know what you know "Bill in Accounting" does, or "Jane in Logistics" does. Yes, so it's a great way to create that inter-department or cross-departmental engagement communication. So there's an idea for you, an internal newsletter podcast for your organization. If you are already doing this that is amazing and we'd love to hear from you, comment below how is it working for you, what are you found to be successful, and if you have other questions for us about that, or you want some more ideas, comment below we would be happy to help. Yes and it's environmentally conscious, stop using paper and use a podcast.

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