Why an educational podcast is an effective way to increase audience engagement?

Do you listen to educational podcasts? A good podcast should either educate, entertain, or inspire.

And I know, Aaron, that you listen to mostly entertaining. That's right. I want to be entertained. But I listen to mostly educational podcasts because I want to learn stuff. So, if you are thinking that maybe a podcast isn't right for you in order... you know, as in starting one because you think that podcast should just be entertaining and funny, then know that podcasts can absolutely be educational. If you are knowledgeable on a particular topic, you know, if you're a subject matter expert, chances are that there are people out there who want to learn what you have to offer. And in this instance, a podcast can be an amazing way to do that. And maybe it can demonstrate that your company knows something about a certain subject so you can educate people on let's say, you're a real estate agent, you could educate people on the prices in Nunawading, for instance. And then people like... "Bill knows about those prices is Nunawading. I'm gonna go to him when I sell my house. He seems informed." Absolutely, for sure!

And when you educate people, it sets you up as this credible expert and also, you present the information in a way that's unique to you.

So, just because there are, you know, half a dozen or a dozen other real estate update podcasts doesn't mean that yours is going to be... well that yours isn't going to matter because you have your specific unique way of presenting that information and people are going to come to you for that. So, draw upon your unique strengths and your personality and consider, you know, creating an educational podcast for your community.

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