Have you considered a podcast for internal training and employee onboarding?

Have you thought about using podcasting to educate and train your staff?

You probably already have an onboarding process in place for new team members, but you might want to consider using a podcast to help, to engage in this process. Podcast to audio-only, there is no screen time required and there are great ways to engage people and create training materials that are fun, useful and engaging! You can educate people on the company culture, protocols, safety issues, maybe upskill them. Employee benefits as well.

Yes! there's a lot of different things that you can convey in a podcast, and it's easy... and it's easy to consume.

Absolutely! So there's an idea for you, for an internal podcast, for your organization if you are in HR or People In Culture. If you are already doing this, if you are already using a podcast for your internal engagement and communication, let us know! Comment below in the comments or let us know if you also know of companies that are already doing this because we would love to learn about them too. Thanks for watching. Thanks bye!

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