Do I need to edit my podcast? And how long does editing take?

"Do you need to edit your podcast?" It's a question we always get asked.

Podcast editing is one of the most time-consuming parts of the podcasting process, and in this video we're going to share with you... how long it takes, and do you need to do it at all? It is definitely required to do some level of podcast editing because... it's being respectful to your listeners, maybe you waffled in one point, maybe you need to cut that bit out, maybe there's a few too many 'ums' and 'ah', maybe your questions were not succinct enough. You got to think about "How am I creating a great consistent listening experience?" And editing allows us to do that, it's also great to remove some background noise, or some other things in the podcast that might be distracting. Yes, if there's a door banging and there's a bit of silence there, you can fix that up, some things are... you know in-escapable and you'll have to leave them in potentially, unless you're in a great studio, or you're in a nice quiet space, but editing is required.

You want to put your music in, you want might want to put some segue music in, you might have some ads to drop in, there will be a level of editing that will be required for your podcast.

For sure, now do keep in mind that editing can fix a lot of things, but it can't fix a really really bad recording. So we always recommend starting with good equipment, in a good environment to record in first, and that's going to make the editing process a lot easier as well, and of course editing is one of the most time-consuming parts of podcasting, so we do recommend that you outsource that if you can. Let us know how long it takes you to edit your podcast, do you get through quickly in an hour, or do you cut out breaths every 'ums' and 'ahs' and you're sitting there for three or four hours, editing a 45-minute podcast. That's doing your head in, comment below and join in the discussion. Thanks for watching. Bye!

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