Afraid of awkward pauses in your podcast?

Are you afraid of awkward silence in your podcast? You shouldn't be... because we can fix that all in post-production.

It's great to actually take some time to reflect on either, asking a great question, or giving a great answer. Sometimes people feel like they have to respond straight away in a podcast interview, whether you're the interviewee, or the interviewer, people often feel that they have to respond immediately, and then what happens is they start to ramble, or they trip over their words. Because this is video and we don't have to do it like that either, but we do because we want to do it in one take. Yes! we are really trying to get through these videos in a single take.

But with a podcast, you have the ability to go back, you know a slight pause is great!

You know we'd probably keep it in there a little bit as well, we wouldn't just chop it and go straight into the answer, because it makes it seem like you're running on top of the interview question. Yes and so if you do slow it down, take some time to think about your answer, or your next question, and don't be afraid of that pause, or that awkward silence that comes up, and use that time to really think about what it is that you want to say, and that's going to make the whole interview process much more enjoyable, and you'll get a better result too. So can you leave a comment below and let us know, do you leave awkward silences in your podcast? Or how long do you take to answer a question if you're being interviewed? Leave a comment below and join in the

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