Podcast Training Course - Feb 2020

Happy New Year! You know what I think 2020 should be? The year of "Your podcast".

And we have a podcast training course coming up in February. How convenient, you know if you've decided that 2020 is your year to get your podcast up and running, then we highly recommend you come and learn with us. Four weeks, two hours per session. Four sessions and we're gonna show you everything that we know about creating, launching, and running, your very own professional podcast.

If you've been procrastinating and thinking I must get that podcast done but I must upskill, we're here for you.

You'll be learning in a small group of up to ten people, we'll be providing all of the podcast equipment, so all you need to come along with is an idea for your show. The courses in Balaclava but you're welcome to dial in. Why? In case you're overseas, or in case you're in another state. Sounds good! The course starts on the 5th of February and there are limited spots. The course has space for 10 people maximum, so make sure you get in quick. There's more information in the link, in the comments of this video, so make sure you check it out and let us know if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Happy 2020 and we'll see you for our next Tuesday Tip, next week.

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