What makes a podcast more searchable?

So, it's one thing to have your podcast in iTunes

And it could be great content but if people can't find it, then it's not going to help you very much in terms of listenership. So, one way that you can make your podcast more searchable is to put keywords into the titles of each episode.

So, let's say, your podcast is about healthy eating. Have a think about what are some of the keywords that people might search for when it comes to healthy eating. So, then you might put those words into the title, and also the description of each episode. Something you can also do is add it to the description of the overall show in iTunes.

And another thing, think about the title of your podcast episode like an article title. Not too clickbait, but something that people are searching for.

So, if it's healthy eating, you know, it could be "How do I eat healthier with X" and you pick a food group or food. But, yeah, think about what people are searching for and how you can sort of marry up with your titles.

And there's a great tool that you can use, it's called Headline Analyzer. We'll actually add it to the comments of this video so you can pop your podcast title in there and it'll give you a score out of a hundred as to how searchable it is. So, that's a really good tool to use. And that's been our Tuesday Tip. I'm Christina! I'm Aaron! And we are from Podcast Australia. New merch! If you want one, we're taking orders.

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