How are podcasts different to radio? Part 2

Hi there, LinkedIn comrades and welcome to another Tuesday Tip.

I'm Christina Canters, this is Aaron Heath and we are from Podcast Services Australia. Now, in our last video, we introduced the topic of "The difference between Radio and Podcast" and today, we're going to continue that discussion with a few more reasons as to why they are different.

Aaron, can you kick us off with the first one? Well, radio is instant. It's people speaking, live, coming usually in your car, maybe you've got it in your headphones, and podcasting lasts forever. It's something that you can record, refine, and make sure that it has the message you're looking to deliver. Radio is very generalized. With podcasting, people can download your episode and listen to it again, and again, and again. You can listen to people's podcasts from years ago, like you can go online and find my very first podcast from 2013 to listen to, which is very embarrassing for me, but it's there, you know. So podcasts last forever. Whereas radio, unless it's been turned into a podcast, radio, you hear it once and it's completely gone. So, if you've got a message or content that you want to share that's gonna be evergreen, that will be relevant to your audience for an ongoing period of time, a podcast is a great way to get that out there. And that leads you into our second point about your choices and what you want to listen to, and the content that is coming from a podcast as opposed to radio. The content is something that you choose, you know. It's something that you're into.

I listen to entertainment podcasts about Star Wars and random movies and B-movies.

I listen to personal development and business podcasts. So, no one's pushing content onto me. I get to choose, whereas when you turn on the radio, you have to hear whatever it is they're blabbing out of you, or whatever horrendous song, you might like the song, but it could be a horrendous song.. It's probably gonna be a horrendous song, probably horrendous. So that's the sort of.. that's the difference that you have in terms of choosing the content, which means that you, you know, you feel more in control of what you're listening to. I mean, we only have so much time in the day, you know. Why not use that time to listen to stuff that you actually want to listen to.

So, we hope that that's been useful for you and helped you to see.. what some of the differences are between podcasting and radio, and we'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Just write a comment below. What are your favorite podcasts? And what are the biggest differences that you see between podcasts and radio? We can't wait to have that conversation with you, we'll see you next week! Take care.

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