How often should I release a podcast?

 We're from Podcast Services Australia and this is the Tuesday Tip.

A question that we get asked every time we sit down with a potential client or in one of our courses is: "How often should I release my podcast? What's the frequency?" Now this is similar to "How long should a podcast be?" And the answer is - it really depends, okay. It depends on firstly how much time you have and what it's going to take to be sustainable for you.

So you might decide on a weekly show that might be great, that might work with you and your workload. I know some people who have gone all guns blazing and said "I'm going to do three times a week, I'm going to do every single day!" and then they peter out really quickly because it's just too much work for them.  So, first you've got to figure out what works for you, and your workload, and your schedule.

And Apple is full of dead podcasts that only did four or five episodes and then people realized, "Oh my god this is a lot of work and I probably should have done a weekly one, a bi-weekly one, a monthly one." So it's about knowing the amount of time that you have to dedicate to putting out that content. Yes, but it's also wise to think about, you know because some people say "Maybe I should do it monthly?"

When it gets to monthly, it can be a little bit too long between drinks, you know, because you want your subscribers to still be there and wanting to listen, and to subscribe. So something we recommend for our clients is for people who don't want to do a weekly ongoing show: you can do a 10 part series.

You think of it like it's a Netflix show, you create a 10 part series and then you can release them once a week.

For 10 weeks and then take a couple months off if you need to. And then come back with, you know, Season 2. Or if you like you can release them all on the same day and hope people just consume them straight away. "Give me more podcast!" You want to sign off? Yes! I hope that it has been... invaluable information for you about how often you should be releasing your podcast or if you're thinking about putting a podcast together what other people do. Awesome! Thanks for watching and we'll see you next week. Bye!

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