Do you hate the sound of your own voice?

We are from Podcast Services Australia. Today is our Tuesday Tip and it's about "Learning to love your voice through podcasting".

So whenever we run our courses or any person who we work with, right, they say the first time they hear themselves being recorded, they go "I hate the sound of my own voice". And we know that this fear, the dislike of one's own voice, prevents people from starting their own podcasts.

Absolutely! And let me tell you that most people, they sound fine, it's just they've never heard themselves being recorded and played back to them. And we truly believe that if you start a podcast, you will learn to love your voice. You'll become a better speaker, you'll understand when to add a bit of light and shade to your voice, and generally, you know, just communicate better.

Look, when you hear yourself back being recorded, it sounds very different because when we speak, what we're hearing is different to what the listener is hearing. Because we have all this resonance and vibrations through our chest, through our neck, our throat, our ears, our head, and it actually sounds a lot different to when someone else receives that. So firstly, it's getting used to it and realizing that, yes, you do sound like that and no, there's nothing wrong..there's nothing wrong with it.

But something that podcasting is great for is that it gives you that feedback. For example, when I started podcasting, I hated the sound of my own voice, as hard as you may find that to believe, Aaron.

I thought I sounded nasally and too Australian but as I started to edit myself, edit my episodes.

I began to pick up on some things that I wasn't doing very effectively and I was able to adapt and shift my communication style to sound nicer or to sound, you know, to be more effective in my communication.

Absolutely! And look, I'm one of the rare people, when I first heard my voice, I thought to myself "Am I really that deep?" and then I was like, Yes! I don't mind that, that's all right. So yes, you may instantly love it. And like I said, it will help you in presentations. It will help you in general conversations.

The more you podcast, the more you listen to your own voice, the more you will learn to love it. We promise! Yes, we absolutely 100% promise, but you've got to get started and you've got to get over that initial feeling that you have. And just know that you're not alone. Everybody has it. Everyone goes through this. Every single person has this. So hopefully that's been helpful for you. All the best in your podcasting journey and we can't wait to see you next week for another Tuesday Tip.

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