Are you a CEO and love the sound of your own voice?

Are you a CEO and loved the sound of your own voice? Do you not get to talk to all the members of your staff but think that it's important?

Well if that's the case, then you might want to consider creating your own podcast. Imagine having your own podcast where you can share updates about the company, you can talk to the members of your team, and do it in an engaging way through a podcast. Where your team members can listen on the go. Or maybe you could interview staff, and meet people that you wouldn't usually meet, understand what their job roles are, it will make you seem more human and less "Just CEO".

Of course! Well, we all know that you're human, but a podcast is a great way to demonstrate that you absolutely are.

So consider that perhaps for your internal communication, your very own CEO podcast. You could be a person of the people at your organization, just think about that! Yes! Now if you are a CEO and you do have your own podcast, let us know. Or if you know of a CEO who has their own podcast, comment below we would love to hear about it, and to join in the discussion.

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