Does your podcast have a clear Call To Action?

Imagine that you're listening to a podcast. All the way through, You're really enjoying it.

It's really engaging and at the very end, the presenter goes "Thanks for listening! Bye!". That doesn't sound like what I want. And you as the listener might be sitting there going "Ah! Okay". Now, the end of your podcast is a really awesome opportunity for you to share a call to action. If someone has gone all the way through your podcast and gotten to the end, they love your content. You can ask them to do something and it can be a simple call to action. It can be "Join our Facebook group". It can be "Share this episode with a friend who you think may also enjoy it". It could also be, you know, "Join our email list" Give the listeners something to do after listening. Like Aaron said, chances are they're already engaged.

If you've got something extra for them, maybe you want them to go to your website, sign up for your free thing, like your Facebook page, follow you on Instagram.

Whatever that is, give them something to do while they're already excited and engaged.If one of the purposes of your podcast is to get people more aware of what you do or maybe get people to sign up for your email list, then think about that and get people to do that at the end. Yes, maybe you want to build a community, you know. It can be all kinds of things but have something. Have something for someone to do at the end of the podcast because they enjoy what they've listened to and you've given them free value. So then, you can ask them for something. For sure!

One extra tip is to keep it to one call-to-action. So, when they get to the end of the episode, don't give them multiple calls to action like "Oh like our Facebook page", "Follow me on Instagram", and "Sign up for my free thing" and "Come to my webinar". Because that's gonna be really confusing for them. So, just give them one call to action and you might want to repeat that across multiple episodes to really cement it because let's face it, your listeners may not take action that very first time but once they've heard that call to action a few times, that's when they'll be more likely to implement that. Yes, be consistent with your call to action.

So comment below. Do you have a call to action? What is it? What is your call to action? How effective do you find it to be? Have you found some calls to actions work better than others? We would love to hear from you.

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