Should Your Organisation Start A Podcast?

Are you an organisation looking for a new communications channel to engage with your staff and stakeholders?

Christina: You probably already have written comms channels, you might do some video, you might have emails that go out.

Aaron: You might do a newsletter.

Christina: But you know, you might want to consider using a podcast as a new communications channel.

One-third of Australians listen to a podcast every week.

It's a built-in audience, they're used to consuming this type of content. And it's a great way to differentiate your communications channel.

Christina: So we're not saying that a podcast should be your only comms channel within your organization. It's simply one comms channel that forms part of that suite. And so you're tapping into the people who love the audio medium, who already listen to podcasts, and who would love to consume content from you in this way.

Aaron: Because they may not be opening your email, they may not even be watching the videos that you produce. But if you put content into a podcast and that is the way that they can consume content. They're like, "Oh, my business is producing a podcast, I'm gonna listen, it might be interesting."

Christina: And what's great now that which was not available a number of years ago, was there are a number of podcast hosting platforms that will now allow you to upload podcasts and make them private, so that you can specify who gets to listen to that podcast, and it can't be shared as well.

The technology is now there to make podcasts more accessible on a private basis

Aaron: And it can be about any kind of information that you want to share, maybe it's interviewing people within the workplace, maybe it's messages from the CEO, maybe it's teams talking to other teams.

Christina: We're definitely seeing an increase in the number of podcasts that are being done internally for organisations and big business. We're setting up a number for clients right now, including Brown Family Wine Group and Australia Post. So if this is something that you're interested to learn more about, we're happy to have a chat, so reach out and let us know.

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