The Simplest Podcast Marketing Tip Ever

People are always asking us for marketing ideas to do with their podcast

Christina: And oftentimes people don't even think about one of the most simple ways to do it, which is to link the podcast everywhere.

Aaron: Christina has a link at the bottom of her email that we always show to all of our clients. And without fail, everyone steals the idea, puts it at the bottom of their email. And it's as simple as "Have you listened to my podcast"- link.

Christina: And that's going out in every single email, so think about how many emails you send every day, and how many opportunities that presents for you to get your podcast in front of people.

Aaron: And if you have a website that has a banner at the top, and it's running across with new pieces of content, you put your podcast there with the link there as well.

Think about your social media profiles

You could have a banner or the background of your social media profile could have your podcast image, and a link there as well. You can even in your LinkedIn profile for example, add 'Podcast Host' to one of your jobs and have it there.

Aaron: And don't forget, if you've got an email list, send out an email, have the link in it, ask them to listen to the show.

Christina: So basically, wherever you connect with people or you're communicating with people, get creative think about how can I link my podcast? How can I have it somewhere where people be able to see and click on it?

Aaron: And we'd love to hear innovative ideas that podcasters have come up with. So below, let us know how you've linked your podcast and how well it's worked for you.

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