Try This In Your Podcast Introduction

Have you ever listened to a new podcast and the guest doesn't introduce themselves or doesn't explain what the podcast is actually going to be about?

Christina: And I've heard podcasts where the interviewer or the host has said, "Hey, welcome back!" And I remember thinking, this is the first time I've listened. "Why am I coming back?" I'm not this is not my comeback.

Aaron: When you're releasing each episode, you should be thinking to yourself, "This could potentially be the first time that someone is ever listening to my podcast."

Christina: Yes, don't assume that whoever's listening has listened from episode one. Yes, there are some people out there who have super fans, which is great, who've listened to all your episodes, but most people will click on a random episode or discover you through a recommendation.

So you need to make sure that whatever you say at the very beginning of your podcast is going to connect and resonate with those very first listeners.

A good introduction goes a long way.

A bit of music, a bit of an explanation. You could use it over and over again.

Christina: Something else I would recommend doing is, making your welcome really warm and say "Hey, welcome to the podcast!" And you can even say something like, "If this is your very first listen then an extra-large welcome to you." And then maybe spend a little bit of time explaining the podcast.

You don't have to do that every single episode but it's nice to pop that in every now and again, in case you are getting those first listeners there.

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