How To Title Your Episodes?

One of the key mistakes we see people making when putting a podcast together, is giving it a title that doesn't relate to the content.

Christina: Naming your individual episodes in a way that can be found and in a way that describes content, is so important to getting people to actually clicking and listening to that episode.

Aaron: A podcast should be like the title of a newspaper headline, it should grab you, it should jump out, it should be something that you want to engage with.

Christina: Yes, too often we see people trying to be clever with their episode titles and making it really cryptic and smart. We say "NO", make it about, What is the episode about? What is the listener going to get out of it?

Aaron: And also, unless the guests that you have on is a superstar, and everybody knows them, don't put their name at the start. We don't... the listener doesn't really care that it's Bob talking about a marketing plan. What they want to know is, "What is the marketing plan about?" and "What am I going to get from the episode?"

There's some online tools out there that will help you write better headlines.

So we'll pop these in the comments below. And also try 'Google Searched Results' or 'Google Also Searched for' these will show what people are actually looking for in the search engines. And so if you name your podcast in a way that's similar to those search terms, it's going to make it more likely that your podcast is going to come up and people will listen to it.

Aaron: Yes, those titles will become the search terms that people find you through.

Christina: So give that a go and you'll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes.

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