Try This Podcast Promotion Tip

Do you love seeing a preview for a new movie that's coming out that you love?

Christina: I do!

Aaron: You know, what's a great idea?

Christina: What?

Aaron: Creating a special spot for each individual podcast episode that you're going to release?

Christina: Yes, so what this means is we treat each episode like an individual package that each deserves its own buzz and its own marketing.

Aaron: Because someone might be finding your podcast for the first time.

And this might be the piece of content that leads them to listen to you.

Christina: Yes, absolutely! So what you can do is to create a "Coming Soon" spot on a blog post on your website and say, "Hey, this episode's coming soon" To create this, to create that buzz.

Or you could even do a little preview, so a small snippet of audio that you post as well to say, "Hey, this is coming soon keep an ear out, make sure you subscribe."

Aaron: And you could also put that on social media posts and you know, share it with your existing network.

Christina: Absolutely, so there you go a really simple marketing tip for you to help grow your podcast.

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