Podcast Marketing Idea #329: Create Pre-Launch Buzz!

Something that many podcasters forget to do when it comes to marketing their podcast is to create pre-launch buzz.

And you should be doing this at a minimum, four weeks before your podcast comes out, right Christina? At least, so what you want to do is create enough buzz around your podcast so that when you do launch you've got a bunch of people excited to subscribe, you don't want to have like no news about your podcast, and then all of a sudden spring it on people and go

"Hey everyone I have a podcast!"

If you keep people in the loop, in the weeks leading up to it, it's going to create more of that excitement which means more people are going to be more likely to subscribe and to share it. Yes, and sharing is the way people find their podcast, so ask your friends and the people you think will be interested in the podcast, to share the link, the upcoming link of your podcast. Yes.

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