Podcast Marketing Idea #125: Ask For Your Audience's Vote!

Here's another idea on creating pre-launch buzz for your podcast.

You can ask people, as in ask your audience, your subscribers, your followers to vote on various aspects of your podcast. You can ask them to vote on the name of your podcast give them four options, you might have your preference but you know it may come out that other people like other gnomes. And you can also get people to vote on your artwork, so you could ask your graphic designer to do you know three or four different options for the artwork, and then you can put it out on social media and say "Hey what do you think of these?" "What do you think would be the best option?" "Which of these is gonna make you more likely to click on it?"

And then people feel like they've got a little more ownership on the podcast that you're producing.

Absolutely and so when it comes out they're gonna be like "Oh I had a say in that, I picked that artwork how awesome" "I didn't pick that name, I don't like that name" Hopefully not but you know it all works together to get your podcast name out there, and getting a conversation started around your podcast before you've even launched. So that's another cool idea for you to try.31

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