Podcast Marketing Idea #562: Create A Show Trailer

You know what's a great way to advertise and highlight the new podcasts that you're putting together?

Create a trailer episode, so this could be a simple 90 second or 2 minute episode on "minisode" where you introduce the podcast and what's to come. You could also have some little snippets of the interviews that you've done or if there solo episode, some of the juicy information that you're going to be giving your listeners, you upload it to the host, you have your artwork there and then when you put the information out on social media, you can ask them to subscribe to the podcast before there's any episodes, so by the time you launch that first episode, you've already got listeners.

It's a great way to build up that excitement and that buzz in your podcast as well, and it's not a huge amount of work to put together a small 2 minute trailer episode.

No. You know and this is also a great way to make sure that your podcast is live in iTunes and all the other directories, when you have your official launch as well, so there's a few reasons as to why this is beneficial. Yes, make sure you do it, don't forget marketing is important for your podcast.

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