Podcast Marketing Idea #241: Throw A Launch Party!

You know what's a great idea to market your podcast that we've used previously?

Throw a launch party! It's really really fun, you invite all your friends, your family, your colleagues, your clients, your client's dogs, anyone who loves free booze and free food because that's what you offer, you get them all together in one place. You throw the party because people love parties and you ask them to subscribe at the party, you ask them to review the podcast at the party, and it's gonna help people find the podcast, and hopefully get you into the new and noteworthy section of the platforms.

Because you are creating a lot of subscribers and a lot of reviews at the very beginning.

And it gets people all really excited about it, so it's a really great way to launch your party, and sorry launch your podcast, and get it out there in front of people. So if you haven't done that do that now and that will also help you have social proof, have more reviews, people are more likely to listen to your podcast if there are reviews there, so throw a party, get some reviews, have a good time with your friends. Will come!

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