Why Use Video To Promote Your Podcast?

Are you looking for a marketing idea that you can use week in and week out?

Christina: Something that we... well that I do for my podcast, and that we encourage our clients to do, is to create a short snippet video to help market the podcast.

Aaron: Videos get great engagement on social media, they can take a lot of work, but they will generate great responses and increase numbers for your podcast.

Think about how when you're scrolling through LinkedIn or Facebook, the short videos that appear in the feed, they often start playing automatically.

So this is a great way to get that engagement first and foremost, instead of having someone have to click on a link to go to a website to then listen to your podcast.

Aaron: You're looking at this video right now, so that's working.

Christina: Yes, you are. One thing that I do to market my podcast is, if I'm doing let's say an online interview, let's say via Zoom, I'll just record the video as well. And even though I don't use the video as my main way of people consuming the podcast, I'll take a short snippet like a 60 to 90-second snippet, and I'll put that on LinkedIn and use that as a teaser or way to engage with my audience to get them to listen to the podcast. So essentially, you're repurposing content that you already have. So give that a go, and you know we'd be really excited to hear from you. What have you seen done in terms of using video to promote podcasts or have you done it for yourself? Leave a comment below.

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