Your Podcast Needs Marketing Images

I was interviewed on a podcast the other week.

And when the episode was released, the interviewer emailed me and said, "Hey, your episode is out, we'd love for you to share it."

So I went to the blog post of the episode was under, and I clicked the URL, and I went to share it in LinkedIn. But what happened was, it didn't present very well on social media. And the reason for this was because this interviewer had not created an individual marketing image for that episode. And what that meant was that it made it really difficult for me to share on social media in a way that looked really appealing so that people would look at it.

Aaron: We had a client recently who released an episode, and they had formatted the photo wrong. And it's the little things that make people think, "Oh, that looks unprofessional, I'm not going to click on that." So you want to make sure that it's visually appealing when it appears on a social media site. And it should click to the episode, not to the show.

That's right, so we need to treat each episode as something that you market individually.

So the best way to overcome this is to create a marketing image for each episode. And you can create different shapes, maybe one for Instagram, one for LinkedIn, one for Facebook. Personally, I just create one landscape one that goes on LinkedIn and Facebook. And what happens is that, that's part of the blog posts so that when it gets shared, it presents nicely. It looks professional, so it is a bit more extra work, but it's well worth it.

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