How To Get iTunes Reviews

We often get asked: how do I make my podcast more visible? How do I get more listeners?

One way to do this is to get more iTunes reviews.

Aaron: It's social proof when someone reviews your podcast and says, "I love it because of this."

Christina: Yes, the problem is, it can be really hard to get iTunes reviews. I mean, how often have you heard a podcaster say, "Hey, leave us a review in iTunes." And you've actually gone and done it.

Most people are listening to podcasts on the go.

And the last thing they're going to do at the end of the episode is then take out their phone, write your review, they're probably gonna go on to the next podcast.

Christina: Yes, so what I found to be a better strategy in my seven years of podcasting is, if someone writes you an email or a message on social media to say, "Hey, I love the podcast, this is what I got out of it."

Then what you can do is write back to them and say, "Hey, thanks so much for your feedback. You know what I really appreciate if you could leave me an iTunes review." And then you can put in a link that goes straight to your podcast for them to leave a review.

Aaron: And don't forget to ask your friends and family who should be supporting you with your podcast, to write your review and help promote it.

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