How To Pick A Podcast Host?

We do a lot of work with Government Organizations, Health Departments, Education Departments.

Christina: And a question that comes up quite a lot is "Who should host my podcast?" "Should we get someone internally to do it?" "Should we get a celebrity?" "Should we pay a professional speaker or an emcee to do it?" "What do we do?"

Aaron: Having someone who genuinely knows about the topic and the content is really important.

Christina: So we always recommend finding someone internally if you can.

Aaron: And if you are going to go outside your organization, then the person should have a lead experience of what the content is about.

 Yes! So let's say you're doing a podcast about mental health.

It would be great to get someone who is maybe well known, who has experience with that, or maybe they're an ambassador of a mental health organization. If you're going internal with your host, make sure that they have a great personality, you know, they've got a good voice for audio, and really bring some personality to the podcast.

Aaron: One of the clients that we're working with currently, the host that we have is the most knock about guy and every time he gets on the call with people, the first 10 minutes is him joking and engaging with people. And the podcast just flows along so well based off his personality.

Christina: And he had never had any experience with podcasting or interviewing before, but his personality just led to it. So we have faith that you have someone internally who can do it. If not, you can always go external, but first, make sure you have a look internally and see if anyone wants to have a go with it and have some fun with it.

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