How To Pitch Yourself As A Podcast Guest

Do you want to find new listeners for your podcast?

Christina: One of the best ways to expand your audience is to be interviewed on other people's podcasts.

Aaron: And you can tap into their audience and get some of their listeners to be your listeners.

Christina: You know, a lot of podcast listeners don't just listen to one podcast, they listen to multiple.

Aaron: An engaged podcast listener in Australia will listen to over four hours of podcasts every week.

Christina: That's a lot of podcasts.

Aaron: Absolutely!

So how do you pitch yourself as a podcast guest?

Christina: So do some research, find other podcasts that exist in your niche, that are addressing similar topics or where the audience might be the same. And offer to the host that you have a lot of value to offer the listeners, make your pitch appealing. A lot of podcasts hosts get pitched a lot these days, so if you can make it really really appealing for them, and really relevant, and offer relevant value, and content for them, then it's gonna stand out from all the other pitches they get.

Aaron: And make sure you listen to the show and you understand what their content is about, and that you are going to come on and be relevant, that is really important.

What NOT to do:

Christina: I get pitched from people to be on my show every day. And I've got to say 99% of them have not listened to my podcast, they don't know what it's about, and they're pitching ideas or content that is not even relevant to my audience. So simply doing some research will make you stand out in a big way.

Aaron: Or you'll get an angry podcast host who won't respond to the email that you send them.

Christina: I literally ignore 99% of them, so if you have reached out to me, and I've ignored you, it's because you haven't given me a good enough pitch, so if you're watching this, try again.

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