Best Place To Record A Podcast

Where is the best place to record a podcast?

Aaron: I would probably say in a recording studio.

Christina: Yes, good answer, but we're in COVID times. So what if you can't access a recording studio?

Aaron: Hmm... Oh, I would guess that maybe it would be at home somewhere?

Christina: But where in your home is the best place to record a podcast?

Aaron: Is it in your kitchen?

Christina: Nope!

Aaron: Is it in your bedroom?

Christina: Maybe?

Aaron: Is it in your lounge room?

Christina: I doubt it.

Aaron: Is it somewhere with lots of hard surfaces?

Christina: No!

Aaron: Is it somewhere with lots of soft surfaces?

Christina: Yes!

Aaron: It's it's somewhere that the sound dampens?

Christina: Yes!

Aaron: Hmm... I wonder what that could be?

Christina: You know what I say it is? Your wardrobe. I know it doesn't sound super professional. But hey, podcasting, audio only, no video, so we don't have to worry about a backdrop, about lighting.

Christina: A wardrobe is one of the best places to record because you've got all your clothes hanging around you and they dampen the sound and reducing the echo.

So speaking into a soft surface will always help the sound of your podcast.

Christina: Yes, so definitely steer away from any hard surfaces. So if you're recording at home, make sure that you're in a room with carpet or rugs, or maybe you do now or heavy curtains, or at least throw some blankets around the place.

Christina: So give that a go, and you know what we'd love to hear from you. Where do you record your podcast or what have you done to make sure that you get good quality audio at home?

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