Should I Get My Podcast Transcribed?

Something that we recommend to all of our clients at the moment is to get their podcast transcribed.

Christina: Why is this Aaron?

Aaron: There's a number of reasons to transcribe your show. One is for SEO, but in our opinion, or in my opinion, one of the most important things is about accessibility of your podcast.

Christina: There are many people out there who are hearing impaired, or maybe English is their second language. And it makes it more difficult for them to have to listen to your podcast and consume the content in that way. So having a transcript there, allows them to read what was said, or they can listen and read at the same time so that they can engage better with the content.

You can get this done in multiple ways

There are bots that can do it, you can pay someone to do it, it is well worth it. And you know, you get the warm fuzzies when you do it because you're making it accessible to a wider audience.

Christina: So once you get your podcast transcribed, you can put that in the blog post that goes along with your podcast. I've seen many websites sites where people actually have a drop down where they'll have a summary of the transcript, and you click the drop down arrow and it shows the whole thing. Other people also put their transcripts into a PDF and they have it as a bonus, maybe a free download, maybe it's behind a paywall, so you can get really creative with it as well. So comment below do you get your podcast transcribed? And if you do, what sort of transcription service do you use?

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