Want To Create More Staff Engagement?

As an organization, how do you come up with great content pieces for your staff and stakeholders to listen to?

Christina: It can often be very tempting to try to guess or to say, "Hey, this is what we've done in the past. So this is what we're going to do moving forward." But something that we recommend to our clients from organizations is to survey their staff and to survey their stakeholders and get that real-time feedback.

Aaron: If you want to find listeners, then you need to be talking about what they want to listen to, as opposed to what you want to tell them.

Christina: And what we found with our clients as well is that when you then interview them or survey them, and then you put out the content that they have asked for, it's going to create a more engaged audience as well.

People want to listen to things that they're interested in.

While you may want to talk about X,Y,Z. They don't want to hear that, they want to hear what has value to them, not what has value to you.

Christina: And you might be surprised and what comes back from the survey. But it's a great way of generating new content, it saves you creative energy trying to think of ideas yourself, plus it gets your staff engaged. So by the time the podcast comes out, they've already got buy-in and they'll be already excited to listen to it.

Aaron: And maybe they'll even want to appear on your show.

Christina: Oh, yes. So give that a go, survey your staff and your stakeholders, get their opinions, give them a voice, and watch your podcasts engagement and listenership grow.

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