What is a podcast?

We're from Podcast Services Australia. This video is the first in a series of 'Tuesday Tips' about podcasting!

We will be answering questions that we get asked all the time from people we meet, as well as our clients and people in our workshops.

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So, Christina, what is a podcast?

What is a podcast - That's what we're talking about today.

A podcast is like an on-demand radio show that is accessed online, you know, if you think about radio where you turn it on, you hear a show - it might be weekly or daily, but you have no control over when that comes on. A podcast is a show that you can go online, on your phone, to an app and download it.

And the best part is - that you get to choose what the content is, as opposed to radio where the content is just given to you and you just accept it.

Exactly! There are podcasts on every single topic that you could possibly imagine: sport, business, knitting, comedy, how to clean your house...no matter how niche your interests are, I guarantee you there is a podcast on it.

People are now using podcasts as a way to entertain themselves while they're traveling to and from work and also to educate themselves as well.

So like Aaron said, no matter what your interest is, no matter what you're interested in learning about, there will
be a podcast about that. So all you have to do is go into your phone, download a podcast app - if you have an iPhone there's already a podcast app built-in - search for any topic you like, and it will come at least...a thousand podcasts - would you say?

Absolutely! And then it's a matter of going through and finding which one resonates with you, that you connect with and that you like, and there you go! Free content to consume.

And if you have an Android phone you can use Stitcher or you can use Google Podcasts. There is a wealth of platforms that you can use.

So hopefully that has cleared up a question for you if you were wondering "What is a podcast?" We'll be back next week with another Tuesday Tip all about podcasts!

Thank you so much for watching, I'm Christina, I'm Aaron and we are from Podcast Services Australia. Take care, bye!

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