How Important is It to Create Great Podcast Artwork?

"How Important is It to Create Great Podcast Artwork and How do We do It?"

Well, you're definitely looking to stand out in the podcast directories so you want to have a look at who else is doing a podcast in your market segment or the subject you're speaking about. Maybe, look at some of the colors people are using. Pick something different. You don't want to be the same as everybody else. Make sure that your image is good. Make sure that the font is easily readable. I see so many podcasts where I can't even read what the podcast says or the byline. So, think about those things, you know.

People are looking at it on a tiny little phone. Yes! You're probably doing the artwork on a massive computer.

Yes! You know, when people are scrolling through their phones, they're seeing pages and pages of artwork and so, yours needs to be bold. It needs to stand out so when you are briefing your designer or maybe you're designing it yourself, you've got to make sure that the font is bold and stands out. And that you don't have too much text on there. So, just the podcast name, you might be able to put your name or the hostname on there if it fits.

We wouldn't recommend putting a tagline on there. People just aren't gonna read it. So, you want to make it as easily readable as possible. Maybe a nice picture to go along with it but maybe, you know. And you might look some people put their face on it, some people don't. It depends if you want to grow your personal brand and be the face of your brand, by all means, put your face on it. I put my face on mine but you don't have to. So, that's been our Tuesday Tip. Thanks so much for watching. I'm Christina. I'm Aaron and we're from
Podcast Services Australia.

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