What can a podcast do for your organisation?

Increase staff engagement

Get messages from all levels heard. Share company news, project updates, training and internal newsletters through an audio medium that your staff want to listen to.

Boost productivity

With a reduction in the number of inefficient meetings and teleconferences. Plus, with increased involvement in the organisation, job satisfaction also rises, motivating staff to work more productively.

Increase profitability

Higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction reduce absenteeism and costly staff turnover, to protect your bottom line.

A better way to do internal communications

Strong communication and employee engagement is critical for increasing staff morale, company culture, profitability and productivity.

Yet, it’s often difficult in a large company to ensure communication is consistent, that everyone is kept ‘in the loop’ and that staff feel a part of a culture that understands and supports them.

How many people read your company newsletter? How many meetings and teleconferences are ineffective or run over time? How motivated are staff to read through pages and pages of training notes or emails?

If you’re looking for a better and more authentic way to do internal communications, an internal podcast may be your answer.

Why use a podcast?

No screen time

Audio podcasts require no screen time, unlike written content and video.


People are used to listening to the radio, music and other podcasts during their commute, while driving or exercising.


With smartphones, podcasts are accessible anywhere. No more being tied to a desk to consume content.

Growing popularity

The medium is growing in popularity -- in the last 12 months, 2.9 million Australians have listened to a podcast.

Engaging medium

Podcasts are engaging. Hearing the voice of a presenter creates an authentic, human connection.

Fast distribution

As soon as a podcast is released, it's immediately distributed via the custom RSS feed, meaning users can access the content, on their smartphones, fast. 

What we do

At Podcast Services Australia, we help companies create, launch and run effective internal podcasts.
We are passionate about podcasting as a communication tool, and are experienced in what it takes to develop AND sustain an engaging show. We know how to transform your objectives for staff engagement, internal communications and company culture into a creative solution in order to get you the best possible ROI.

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