PSA’s podcast equipment recommendations

We are from Podcast Services Australia. And we are bringing you our Tuesday Tip.

Yes! So, today, we're sharing with you the equipment that we use and recommend. This is the equipment that I use for my own podcast personally, and it's also what we teach in our courses as well. Now, the topic of equipment can be a tricky one because there are so many different types of equipment that you can use, and there are many different ways to podcasts.

So, the way we're about to show, the equipment we're about to show you is not the only way to podcast, but it is a simple easy way the easy setup that we recommend. Yes, and you can make it as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. If you want to go out and build yourself a forty thousand dollar studio at your home, and it's soundproof, and all that stuff, and you've got the money, go for it! It's up to you. So, I've got some equipment here we're gonna show you. Now, firstly, this is the mic that we use in our courses and what we recommend. It is a swamp USB mic. The reason why we recommend it is because it is cost-effective. It's like 80 bucks? I believe so, and it produces a really good sound quality and they're quite hardy, as well. These ones, you can plug into your computer, as well, if you want to do a Skype recording interview, and has both inputs. It has both inputs so look at that.

And what we're about to show you... ow there's a cute dog in the background... that's what we love! Okay, he works for us. He does work for us. He works for Pats. And we also use a digital recorder such as this one which is the Zoom H5 Handy Recorder. Now, we love these because they come with a built-in mic that you can also use for recording ambient sound, or for recording round-table discussions if you don't have a mic for everyone, or you've got five people sitting around the table. You probably don't want to go out and buy five mics. Five mics, exactly! And these are really reliable. So, laptops can crash, you know, if you're recording straight into the laptop. So, we recommend using these and they're super portable as well. So, what you do is you get a mic per person, so we've got mic each. These come with an XLR cable that attaches into the bottom here of the recorder. You also need two pairs of headphones. These are important. You need to be able to hear what you're saying, yes, and what your guest is potentially saying, and the level of the sound. So, each person will be wearing headphones.

We recommend over-the-ear. These are Sony MDR-7505 Dynamic Stereo Headphones.

We don't get paid by Sony, by the way. We don't get paid by any - any of these brands. But you know don't cheap out, anything between sort of 80 and, you know, two or three hundred bucks, you're gonna get a good set of headphones. Yes, but what we don't want is to.. especially if you're editing, you don't wanna be using those crappy little earbuds because you're not going to get the same quality of sound.

So, mic - can you hold it up, so microphone, headphones, and digital recorder and you're all set to go. And we create kits out of these, and we put them into a little backpack. Super transportable, easy to use, easy to carry around, and it gets you.. importantly gets you a really good quality sound. Which is very important because people will turn off if your sound isn't up to par. Because there are so many people now who understand what good sound is and you know, it's just more engaging when people are clear, and they're not blasting into your headphones with soft talking and loud talking or the other way around depending on how you view it. So, that's how our Tuesday Tip. Hope that's been helpful for you and we will see you next week. Bye!

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