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Protected: Australian Podcast Consumer Trends

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Podcast Services Australia

Benefits of Internal Podcasts for Organisations

We’ve been talking about the benefits of internal podcasts for organisations since 2016 – way before the technology for private podcasts even existed!

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podcast academic research

Why your academic research will get more reach as a podcast

Whether you’re a researcher, an academic or a department head at a university, this article explores why you should start a podcast for your particular field of expertise

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podcast hosting platform australia

What is a podcast host?

In this video, our Lead Audio Engineer Shay Moshe explains what a hosting platform is, and how it works.
If you want your podcast to get distributed to directories like iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts, you MUST set up an account and publish your podcast with a podcast hosting platform.

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podcast government marketing

Why Podcasting Can Be Powerful for Government Department Marketing

Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool for government departments. This article explores the benefits it could have as well as as tips on how to plan your podcast strategy.

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Podcast education australia

How Podcasts in Education Benefit Students and Teachers in the Classroom

Are you wondering how can podcasts support and benefit students and teachers? Check out this article about podcasts in education to find out!

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