Service Upgrades

Below are examples and explanations of marketing assets and other services we provide. Reach out to your friendly Podcast Services Australia team member if you have any questions or wish to add any of these services to your project scope!

Square Artwork

What is it?

The visual brand of your podcast – your podcast artwork is the first thing listeners see in podcast directories. A good artwork should represent your brand effectively and stand out from other podcasts in your niche. We provide 3 design concepts and 3 revisions of the chosen concept.

Why create a professional square artwork?

You can’t publish your podcast without one!

Social Media Tiles

What are they?

Promotional still images for sharing on social media platforms and adding visuals to your website. We always ensure they align with your existing brand style. Tiles can be landscape or square, and include a written quote from the episode, the title of the episode, head shots of the speakers, and/or promotional copy.

Why social media tiles?

  • They make your podcast more enticing through adding visuals to your podcast promotion.
  • Tiles can also be used as images on your website, and when tagged correctly, add to the search ability of your content.


What are they?

Bite-sized videos of engaging quotes from the podcast with animated captions and a moving waveform. Most often used for promotion on social media. We always ensure the audiogram design aligns with your existing brand style. Up to 90 seconds each.

Why use audiograms?

Audiograms are an effective way to create multiple pieces of content from a single episode.

They grab attention on social media which helps drive engagement and listenership.

YouTube videos - still image

What are they?

Full-length video versions of each podcast episode, using a still image as the video background while the audio plays over the top. Please note, there is no animation or addition of 'talking head' videos.

Why create videos for YouTube?

YouTube is the most popular platform for Australian podcast consumers (yes, even though it’s technically a video platform, people still use it to search and ‘listen’ to podcasts).

Publishing your podcast on your YouTube channel means it will be more likely to rank in Google search results.



What are they?

Show notes are essentially blog posts that accompany each episode, and are published on your website. Unlike the ‘episode description’ that appears in podcast directories, show notes can be longer, more detailed and contain images and embedded videos if required.

Our show notes are up to 500 words and include an episode introduction, keyword- rich summary of discussion points, links mentioned & calls-to-action.

Why create show notes?

  • They add more content to your website and are a simple, effective way to repurpose your podcast.
  • They improve the SEO of your website by adding keyword-rich written content.
  • Show notes provide an easy way for people to consume your content if they prefer to skim read instead of listening.
See how show notes can be presented on a website


What are they?

Our transcripts are human-written word-for word documents that spell out exactly what was said in your finished episodes. They include speaker names & timestamps and are provided in Word doc format.

Why create transcripts?

  • Transcripts improve the accessibility of your podcast for people who are hearing impaired, or are not fluent in English – they may read the transcript my itself, or follow along while they listen at the same time.
  • When published on your website, transcripts can also boost the SEO.
  • Transcripts allow for further content repurposing – you could turn sections into a blog post, or use written quotes in image posts.

See a PDF example of one of our transcripts

Training & Coaching

What is it?

Group training or 1:1 coaching in areas including: storytelling, vocal & microphone technique, conducting interviews, and recording professional voice overs.

Our lead trainer, Christina Canters, is a professional speaker, communication skills specialist and has produced over 300 of her own podcast episodes. She runs her own training and coaching business The C Method and is passionate about helping people to build more confidence with speaking and presenting!

Why do training & coaching?

A podcast is only as good as the talent! If your team is new to podcasting, our training will help them be more confident and effective behind the microphone.

Learn more about Christina’s training at