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So you want to start a podcast? Awesome!

Podcasting is an amazing way to share your message, grow an audience and build your brand.

BUT…how do you create a high-quality show that people will actually want to listen to?

Many first time podcasters ‘wing it’ – they buy a microphone, hit ‘record’, google a ‘how to submit to iTunes’ tutorial…then wonder why no-one’s listening.

That’s not you. You want to do this PROPERLY, right? You want to get it right from the BEGINNING, without stabbing around in the dark trying to figure it all out yourself.

You may have already done a bunch of research, but I’m guessing you found the Google results to be overwhelming, with conflicting advice and no consistency.

We get it.

This is why we put this course together – to guide you through a CLEAR, SIMPLE, STEP-BY-STEP methodology for getting your own podcast up and running.

The program is led by our CEO, Christina Canters. She has been podcasting since 2013 and has grown her business communication podcast ‘Stand Out Get Noticed’ to over 1.8 million downloads with a global audience.

She knows what it takes to make a podcast succeed, and what makes a podcast fail (yep, she’s experienced both), and in this program she shares all her industry secrets – stuff you can’t Google!

Course Modules:

1. Podcast Strategy & Branding

In Module 1, we get your podcast set up for success! Discover what makes a podcast succeed or fail, how to make your podcast stand out, and define your audience and message.

2. Creating Excellent Content

Learn how to come up with topic ideas and bring effective storytelling into your podcast. Plus, get access to our exclusive podcast content templates to make planning your episodes a breeze!

3. Recording Equipment & Editing Tutorials

Get set up with your podcast equipment (and our recommendations won’t break the bank), and learn effective microphone technique. You’ll also get access to a comprehensive suite of Audacity editing tutorials.

4. Media Hosting & Distribution

In Module 4, we help you navigate the confusing world of hosting platforms and podcast directories. Which is the best media host to use? Which directories do I submit to and how? What’s an RSS feed? All your questions will be answered!

5. Marketing & Promotion

So your podcast is up and running…now how do you build a listener base? In Module 5, you’ll discover the best ways to heighten your podcast’s visibility and market it effectively so you can boost listens and engagement.

6. Next Steps For Success

Learn how to take the success of your podcast to the next level, including how to receive iTunes reviews and repurpose your content for other mediums.

What’s included in the course?

  • 6 Learning Modules
  • 28 high quality video lessons, over 3 hours total
  • Worksheets, templates & additional resources
  • Unlimited access to the learning materials


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