At Podcast Services Australia, we are passionate about fostering better communication within companies. We want to empower organisations with the ability to give their staff a voice. This increases engagement and creates a better place to work. We believe that the podcast medium has huge potential for helping staff across all levels of organisations to feel more engaged, heard and appreciated.

We know adapting to a new comms platform can be intimidating. And this is why we are dedicated to working collaboratively with you. We will share ideas, educate you on the medium and support you and your staff every step of the way. We are passionate about podcasting as a communication tool, and are experienced in what it takes to develop AND sustain an engaging show. Click here to learn more about the services we offer.

At Podcast Services Australia, we pride ourselves on having a small but strong team of talented individuals. We are all Melbourne-based. We are dedicated to supporting you through the entire process. This includes: from the development of strategy and content right through to the editing, scheduling, publishing and outcomes. The whole process is managed in Australia with security and privacy being paramount.

Your Podcasting Team

Christina Canters Podcast Services Australia

Christina Canters

Director of Strategy

Christina has been podcasting since 2013. She currently runs the successful business communication podcast ‘Stand Out Get Noticed’. She is passionately involved in the global podcast community, being a regular speaker at the Podcast Movement conference in the USA. She has personally recorded and produced over 150 podcast episodes. As a speaker and coach with her communication skills training business ‘The C Method‘, she is in a unique position to provide guidance at Podcast Services Australia. She will show you how to create a successful podcast that is authentic, engaging and sustainable.

Aaron Heath

Aaron Heath

Chief Operating Officer

Aaron has been in technology development for over 5 years. He has been involved in high level Government projects redeveloping content, video and websites. He also brings 10 years of experience in brand advertising to the table. At Podcast Services Australia, we see Aaron as our ‘road map guy’. He will guide you through the nuts, bolts and time frames of the podcast setup process. Using his extensive experience in content redevelopment and project management, Aaron will also ensure your existing content finds new life in the podcast medium.