In August 2017, over 2,000 active and aspiring podcasters, as well as industry representatives and professionals, will converge on the Anaheim Marriott in beautiful Anaheim, CA for two and a half packed days and nights at the fourth annual Podcast Movement.

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Hi there! I’m Christina Canters, CEO of Podcast Services Australia. I’m passionate about all things podcasting — after all, podcasting has played a huge part in helping me leave my corporate job, build an audience and rapidly grow my speaking and training business, The C Method.

And…I’m super excited to be speaking at the Podcast Movement 2017 conference in Anaheim!

This event holds a special place in my heart. When I first found out about the inaugural Podcast Movement (in Dallas, 2014), I was travelling through Europe at the time, with plans to head back home to Australia. But I knew this conference was not to be missed. So I bought my ticket and made my way to Texas.

I had an absolute blast at the conference. Yes, there was a ton of great content in the sessions, but it was the connecting with other podcasters that made it super valuable.

When you run a business, it can get lonely if you’re not surrounded by other like-minded people who ‘get’ you. And I found in Australia (especially back in 2014), not many people listened to podcasts, or even knew what they were! So hanging out (and geeking out!) with hundreds of other podcasters was a great experience. Plus, I had many podcasting friends whom I’d only ever met online, so to meet and connect with them in person was incredible.

(Not to mention, I felt pretty special as one of the few Aussies over there. Turns out Americans love Australians, especially when they hand out tiny fluffy koalas, as I did!)

I loved it so much, I returned to the USA last year to attend the conference in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a speaker (again!), this time to run a session on ‘How to build confidence behind the mic’.

My ‘gift’ to conference attendees. Hey, you gotta stand out somehow, right?

Fast forward to 2017…

It’s now less than a month until Podcast Movement 2017 kicks off! The popularity of the event has grown rapidly — in fact, they received over 600 speaker applications for this year alone!

And I’m very excited to announce that I am truly humbled to be one of the chosen few to be presenting.

I’ll be running a workshop on vocal and microphone technique — something that every podcaster needs to know. After all, as a podcaster, you want to create a great listener experience for your audience, right? Plus, if you have a squeaky, croaky or downright dull voice, you’ll be likely to turn people off.

So whether you’re already a podcaster, or you’re thinking of launching a show, definitely come and join us in Anaheim this August! I look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Christina Canters the c method podcast movement 2016 2017
This is me presenting at Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago. The topic was ‘How to build unshakeable confidence behind the mic’